First Post: Welcome!

I think the quote “desperate times calls for desperate measures” is quite asinine. Usually when someone has to resort to this rationality and sensibility get thrown out the window. Well I now realize that I am stuck in somewhat of a contradiction. I have to be completely honest, I started this blog because I was unemployed and spending countless hours trying to do anything that could help me land a job or at least a lead to a job. Desperate? Probably, but right now I hold no qualms about this. In desperate situations, desperate measures can pay off.

One week ago from today I began my first “real world” job as an event manager/promotions assistant for 93.1 WXRT-FM. It wasn’t because of this blog that I landed the job, but when I brought up to my supervisor that I created a website to make all of my demo work, resume, etc. available in one easily accessible place, she thought it was a good idea. So for that I gave myself a pat on the back.

Even though I’ve had this thing up for a month, this is my first entry, but I promise there will be much more to come. I won’t waste your time rambling on about all the stuff I’ve done in my life (cool or not that’s your judgement to make). Check out the about section if you want to see that. Instead, I’m utilizing the blog portion of my site to blog about all things that I feel like blogging about. From hockey, to music, East-Asian philosophy, politics (non-opinionated to the most possible extent), my experiences working in radio and living life, to whatever the hell else I feel like talking about you’ll find it here.

Since I have a drive only matched by a Lamborghini Diablo to be on the radio airwaves one day, I’ll occasionally be posting some podcasts to help fulfill my need to have my voice out there until I can one day get behind the microphone at a radio station.

I hope you all find the material I post on here engaging and I implore you all to comment or give me your feedback on anything ranging from the look of the website to how ridiculous you think it is that I would suggest bears are the most important species in the animal kingdom (not my opinion just an example, but they are pretty damn fierce).

Peace, love, and rock n roll,