Train Blogging: Back In The Game

This journal entry is for my grandfather whom has urged me time and time again in the past few months to begin writing on this blog again. 

It’s been quite some time since I last posted. Enough time for a baby to have been conceived, gone through the pregnancy process, and come out nine months later as a human being. Enough time for the olympic torch to make its way around Great Britain, and for the games themselves to take place.

With this post that all changes. I don’t think of this as a blank slate that is to be filled with my ideas. Instead its a never ending novel whose plot is only connected by the fact that all this writing is of my own.

What’s really the point of this post? All it is thus far is an acknowledgment that I have neglected to write for the past few months.  After all, this blog barely gets any views it seems silly for me to think that anyone outside of my family and friends knew this blog even existed.

Writing is my outlet on observing the world around me.  Unfortunately my aspirations to become a radio journalist have not panned out yet, so at the present this is the only outlet I have to freely express my observations without any outside interference. It’s nkt that I feel too timid to engage people in discussion. It’s often the case that I let my thoughts run in a circuitous manner that makes my diatribes hard to flow at times. 

I think it’s important to keep a journal of your thoughts even if.the subject is as trite as why one should keep a journal.  After all, when the internet is inaccessible and the radio signals fade, written word is mankimd’s only form of communication. Albeit that is somewhat of an ironic statement considering this journal is hosted on the internet. If you have access to a printer, then these words will become timeless.

Sitting on the train right now everyone is in their own world whether they are tuned into their ipod’s or have their nose deep in the newspaper. The reason why I often blog while on the train is for that exact reason. I choose to express myself and become involved with the world around me through written word.

Then again the downfall of typing this on my phone OS that I give the appearance to everyone on the train that I’ve been typing a text message for the past twenty minutes. Guess you can’t win them all.


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