Radio Production

This page consists of sample production work I have done for Denison University’s radio station WDUB-FM during my time there.  Click on any of the links to play or download the mp3 file.

Production Demo 1

This is a public service announcement I created for the launch of WDUB’s website  The PSA was the most frequently aired announcement with PSA’s airing every hour on the half hour and acted as a driving force in bringing traffic and members to our website.

Doobie Radio PSA

Newspiece Demo 1

This piece I put together as report to the Denison University community as a supplement to the all-student survey that my Political Science Senior Seminar sent out polling the students on their views of different issues surrounding the community and state of the university in general.  The clips I gathered from my professor Dr. Paul Djupe came from an on-air interview I conducted with him earlier in the week.  This piece is intended to inform those unfamiliar or curious as to what our seminar was trying to accomplish.

I demonstrate my abilities in this piece to research and develop a story, create a concise and clear report on a complex topic, and effectively utilize audio clips from a professional to support and make clear claims and ideas made.

Denison News Report


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